New recipes

Well I apparently haven’t updated my recipes on here since week 5. I had a ‘resolution’ to make at least one new recipe per week starting at the beginning Of the year. I have stuck with it so far for all except maybe 1-2 weeks. And a lot of the weeks I made multiple new recipes so I think I can catch a break there…

The last couple of weeks I have made some yummy new delicacies so I’ll I ahead and put the links here for you πŸ™‚

Last week I made an egg, potato, cheese, bacon breakfast casserole. This was actually a new recipe even though it was super basic because I’ve never made a savory breakfast casserole, ha! 1-because I don’t eat eggs. or bacon. 2-because I would MUCH rather have something sweet for breakfast (& lunch & dinner…) than savory. I’m just not a veggie for breakfast kind of girl. Why would I be when I could eat cinnamon rolls or pancakes or bagels or donuts instead?!
I also made a new cinnamon roll recipe. It wasn’t as good as pioneer woman’s but it was good and quick and I’ll probably make it again if I ever need cinnamon rolls quickly. I would rather have a plain-ish icing or the kind on PW’s but these called for a cream cheese icing so I went ahead and made it. It was good if you like SUPER sweet and sugary cinnamon rolls, I prefer them a little less sugary tasting than these. But again, still good and super easy. I definitely recommend putting the frosting on when they are sill warm…mine didn’t melt as much as hers did. And they were also ENORMOUS….



Last night I made chocolate salted caramel cupcakes. And they are to die for if you like caramel.

I used a chocolate cake from a box…because, let’s be honest, they’re always better. I subbed butter and milk though for the oil and water. Made them extremely light and fluffy. Then I made the caramel sauce and frosting from the site I linked to. I’ll definitely make it again. And I’ll make the caramel sauce to use as ice cream topping or to stir in my coffee. Or to eat with a spoon. I like to pipe my cupcake frosting but this frosting is to thin and light so you have to spread it but they won’t last long anyway so it really doesn’t matter.


Lastly, for dinner last night I made a garlic asparagus pasta that was really good and light, even though it wasn’t actually all that light since it had heavy cream and butter in it. I usually don’t make ANYTHING for meals with cream or much butter or cheese because hubby won’t eat it. He says it’s not healthy…I don’t know what that means. I need protein some place so I might as well pile up the cheese on my plate, right? Anyway I really liked this dish and he said I could make it again…just not very often πŸ˜‰


Most of the recipes I make from Pinterest are on my ‘Success’ board also so they’re in one place. Some come from Facebook so I don’t have those anywhere except here and in my recipe book at home.


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